May 7, 2015


Let's Make It a Holiday Whenever Tame Impala Drops a New Song

Matthew Baker/WireImage
Matthew Baker/WireImage

No point beating aIround the Australian Outback bush—there's a new Tame Impala track out today. It's the fourth one we've heard from the still-secretive LP3, Currents, and, like the other cuts, it is as good as any swaggering genre-agnostic indie-doom synth-psych prog-pop 2015 song has any right to be. This is a good Thursday, now, by default. Thank you, Kevin Parker.

All these new, lyrically enhanced Tame Impala songs—the eight-minute, weirdly "Runaway"-channeling "Let It Happen"; the single of a lifetime, "'Cause I'm a Man"; the pleasantly, brilliantly retro "Disciples"—are flawless. We are very ready for Currents, which will inevitably drop Beyoncé/Drake/Kendrick–style. Surprises are forever.