May 14, 2015


Teen Goths Assemble! 'The Craft,' Our Witchy '90s Jam, Gets a Remake

Columbia Pictures/Getty Images
Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

The '90s were rich with iconic teen flicks. Those of us a bit too alternative for Clueless turned to The Craft, with its catholic school girl skirts and witchy hair. Turns out the bigwigs at Sony are totally aware of our love and have decided to remake the movie. Hear that? It's the sound of a million nerdy 20-somethings screeching!

The Hollywood Reporter says up-and-coming horror writer Leigh Janiak will direct the updated film with Phil Graziadei, also a fresh face.

Even more exciting is the realization that, hello, a movie that stars all/mostly women is being directed by a woman! (Shoutout Pitch Perfect 2, shoutout Orange Is the New Black.) Janiak describes the lack of ladies in the director's chair as a "systemic failure to hire women directors at all levels of the film and television industry.” It's an exciting dialogue, and we couldn't be more stoked!