June 5, 2015


Check Out an Unreleased Collaboration Between Avicii & Brandon Flowers

Last October, we shared Avicii's genre-defying single "The Days" featuring Robbie Williams. The song has since become something of an unusual hit and, today, has proven to be a gift that keeps on giving. 

An alternative version of the song has appeared on the 'net, this time with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers taking over Williams' vocal duties. Thank you, digital deities!

"These are the days we've been waiting for / And days like these you couldn't ask for more / Keep them coming 'cause we're not done yet / These are the days we won't regret," Flowers sings in the songs chorus, giving the tune his characteristic '80s soul.

Listen to the different (and very, very cool) version of "The Days" above, then read our favorite Brandon Flowers-inspired fan fiction by clicking here.