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The 6 Best New Pop-Punk Songs We Heard in June

From the return of Good Charlotte to the latest Wonder Years jam, here are the best pop-punk tunes we heard in June

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Jakob Danger, "King of the World"

It's not new info that Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has musically-inclined offspring. His eldest son, Joseph Armstrong, fronts the band Swimmers (formerly Emily's Army). They're pretty great, but we're calling it now: 16-year-old Jakob Danger Armstrong is the real talent in the family. His solo tunes are the thing of punk pop dreams, and "King of the World" feels especially resonant. And think about it, his middle name is literally Danger. Rockstar status or what?

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Waka Flocka Flame ft. Good Charlotte, "Game On"

While this might not totally qualify as a straightforward pop-punk song in the most traditional sense of the genre, it does one betterGood Charlotte are back, people! The Madden Brothers released an album under another name and have been writing with 5 Seconds of Summer, but here they're back in all their GC glory. Oh, and if you remember the mid-aughts, you'll recall the guys were always collaborating with rappers, so the fact that they decided to hop on a Waka Flocka Flame tune is totally unsurprising. 

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Man Overboard, "Cliffhanger"

Earlier this month we premiered "Cliffhanger," the latest tune from Man Overboard. The band might get their name from a tragically underrated Blink-182 song, but their single had them explore new, heavy territory with the distorted opening: "It's cold / It's supposed to be / In the night / Got a hold on me," before growing into a defiant bridge: "This is what I do / This is who I am."

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Mayday Parade & Set It Off, "Gotta Be Strong"

We here at Fuselove pop-punk dads. We also love pop-punk prodigies that love their fathers, which is where this dad ode of an anthem comes into play. Jason Lancaster (formerly of Go Radio and Mayday Parade), current Mayday Parade member Derek Sanders and Cody Carson of Set It Off are featured on this country-leaning tune written by longtime All Time Low producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. "Gotta Be Strong" winds up being a super interesting meshing of voices and talents.

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Set It Off, "Wild Wild World"

Of all the bands playing this year's Warped Tour, Set it Off seem to be one of the most melodic. Their Duality: Stories Unplugged EP highlights this talent...if you didn't know any better, you'd think the guys were an upcoming pop-rock act. One of our favorite tunes is the very last one, "Wild Wild World," an optimistic reading of life and the changes we can make on this earth. Everyone needs some positivity now and then, right?

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The Wonder Years, "Cardinals"

Few modern pop-punk bands have been able to throw themselves into legend status, but Pennsylvania's the Wonder Years are getting pretty close. They've recently announced their fifth studio album, No Closer to Heaven, out September 4. If it's anything like the lead single, "Cardinals," it's going to be a reflective record that deals with really heavy themes, namely personal disappointment and recognizing selfishness when it's too late. Now, that might not sound like a good time, but the song itself is.


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