June 15, 2015


Bits & Bytes: Gaming, Streaming, & Where Have All The Ladies Gone?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Words and roundup by Jesse K, powered by SoundCTRL

With streaming being the next great format of our lifetime, the player who wins this round will definitely lead the future of this industry. 

Streaming Wars has heated up again with Apple announcing their plans last week. Their new music service feels like a big step for the labels in their struggle to evisorate the freemium model, but how will this product really move the needle, besides bringing streaming to the masses? Though Spotify is a great product, there is general lack of awareness behind their product and recognition behind their brand. Tidal's approach tried to combat this by making their product culturally relevant, via Jay's influence - but their product fell short of expectations. 

Today, consumers want an amazing product with intuitive and seamless user experience, and that is exactly what Apple is known for. So right now, while we think Apple may not be the 'Spotify-killer' exactly, it may be too early to tell. What this will do, at the very least, is introduce the masses to music streaming - then at that point, may the best product win!

Apple Music: Here's What Happens With Your $10

You don't have to pay anything to try Apple's new streaming music service, since the company will offer a free three-month trial when it launches at the end of June. But if you stick around after that, you'll need to pay $10 a month for the on-demand, all-you-can-eat subscription service. And Apple will end up passing along more than $7 of that to the music labels, music publishers and other music owners.

Stage Design: Best Of Bonnaroo

Deadmau5 gave one of his most diverse performances, with a brand new 'mouse trap/thunderdome' stage design, to Bonnaroo this weekend.

Bands x Brands: EDM's Big Spenders

EDM is an American cultural staple with millions poured into it. But what brands can take most of the responsibility as being the industry's biggest backers?

Big Data: About Apache Spark

Today, IBM pledged it would devote 3500 researchers to the open source big data project, Apache Spark. Spark allows universal access to data.

Festival Culture: Not A Coincidence

North American festival culture in 2015 has many wondering - where are the talented women on this summer's festival line-ups? Is the absence an oversight?

Gaming: How To Watch E3

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is an opportunity for Microsoft to show consumers its refocused vision of the XBOX console. Find out how to watch the press conference tonight at 9pm!

Venture Capital: Invest In The New

Former Sony Music UK CEO Nick Gatfield is back with a vehicle to invest in artist and music start-ups, aiming to be an angel-type investor for both new artists businesses and other music start-ups.