June 8, 2015


Bits & Bytes: Concert Discovery, Social & Touring In 2015

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Festival season is kicking into full gear! This weekend in New York alone, I had the privilege of attending Governors Ball at Randall's Island, DigiFest at Citi Field, and Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium. Each had a very distinct crowd, vibe and experience.

Governors Ball, in five years, has turned into one of the top festivals in the world. They proved that building a major festival, even in a highly competitive market like NYC, is more than possible and very much in-demand. Sunday was hip hop's Super Bowl, with the 22nd annual Summer Jam being streamed "exclusively" on Tidal. Would be interested to learn how many people really streamed in for that.

But the biggest surprise of the weekend was DigiFest at Citi Field. Ryan Seacrest has invested in this brand and you can really feel the growth potential of it. What's incredible is the fan bases of these YouTube and Vine stars, who are really become a new breed of super-stars. It's amazing to see, and these kids really are the future! 

Festivals continue dominating the live culture, though, and yet there is so much room for digital innovation. Everybody wants to take pictures, share it on social and connect with their friends while they are enjoying these festival—yet there's never cell service! Sure, you gotta be able to turn your phone off and enjoy the moment, but why can't anyone get this right? All we want to do is enjoy our moments—and share them. Let's try to get this wi-fi thing right people; user experience is king!

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