June 15, 2015


Bonnaroo 2015 by the Numbers

Maritza Navarro for Fuse
Maritza Navarro for Fuse

Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees. But in order to properly appreciate the farm that is Bonnaroo, we thought we'd focus on the details to paint you a better picture. I'm not quite sure how we'll get through the weekend just yet (probably more beer), but here's a breakdown of the weekend by numbers. 

Day 1, Thursday:

With one day of Bonnaroo under our belts, we can safely say, "Ouch." I can also say that people are way more friendly here than I expected and the live performances were pretty fantastic. One staff member driving a small tractor slowed down to compliment my top. What a sweetie. Also, you can drink beer wherever you want? Dudes.

Temperature in the car at departure: 90 degrees

Total steps taken: 12,523 

Miles walked: 5.48 

Live sets witnessed: 9

Money spent: $32 (plus tip)

Beers: 3

Pizzas: 1

Penises: 1 (don't ask)

Friendlies: 9

Unfriendlies: 1

People we gave beer money to: 1

Maritza Navarro for Fuse
Maritza Navarro for Fuse

Day 2, Friday:

It's been two days and I still don't understand how I'm standing. However, people continue holding down the friendly vibes and if the high fives are any indication...the positivity is a cause, not an accident.

Temperature in the car at departure: 87 degrees 

Total steps taken: 19,550

Miles walked: 8.99

Live sets witnessed: 8

Money spent: $16

Beers: 2

Pizzas: 0

Penises: 0

Topless babes: 3

High fives: 4

World records wwitnessed: 1 (A 7-year-old set the world record for most high fives in an hour. His thoughts after? "Someone give me some hand sanitizer.")

Maritza Navarro for Fuse
Maritza Navarro for Fuse

Day 3, Saturday:

Saturday was by far my favorite day so far, despite being the most painful. While the number of live sets we are catching is slowly dwindling by the day, we are managing to cover as much ground. We're also spending the least amount of money we ever have at a festival because (thank you Fuse) we have Artist passes, which provides us access to Artist Hospitality...meaning free booze and catered food (not to mention great spots at the stages). If you have the option to upgrade, I would highly recommend it. 

The third day of Bonnaroo has obviously weeded some people out. There is more space to move around and that makes for happy people. (By people I mean me.) I'm still mind-boggled by the friendliness of this place and it's the biggest selling point for me. 

Temperature in the car at departure: 90 degrees 

Total steps taken: 18,474

Miles walked: 8.49

Live sets witnessed: 7

Sets missed: 1 (D'Angelo was so late, I couldn't wait any longer and ran to Flume. Sad face.) 

Money spent: $20 (plus tip) 

Beers: 1.5

Cocktails: 2

Churros: 0 (They were sold out. I'd like to remedy this on Sunday)

High fives: 1

People we bartered with for alcohol and other substances: 3+

Maritza Navarro for Fuse
Maritza Navarro for Fuse

Day 4, Sunday:

Sunday Funday will never look the same again. If Saturday felt easier to navigate because there was more space to move around, our final day was made tolerable by the new (to us) shortcuts that made navigation of the festival a whole new experience. 

At this point in the weekend I was sure I'd meet more grumpies than happies, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, and did we mention the crawfish broil that happened at the end of the night? That happened.

Temperature in the car at departure: 90 degrees (felt hotter, but alas, it was the same)

Total steps taken: 13,393

Miles walked: 6.26

Live sets witnessed: 5 

Money spent: $20 (beer tip plus McDonalds on the way home)

Hitchhikers picked up on the way in: 1

Someone reading during a set on the main stage: 1

In total, we walked 29.22 miles, spent 88 dollars, met a shitload of friendly people and heard some pretty delightful music...which is why we're all here. Isn't it? 

It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when there's so many other things to worry about, but at the end of the day...if you can listen to music anywhere, why not listen to it at a place where you know you'll be welcomed with a high five and a smile? If that's what you prefer, that's Bonnaroo.