June 1, 2015


Crywolf Premieres "Neverland" and Explains His Upcoming Release 'Dysphoria'

Elise Mackay
Elise Mackay

Justin Phillips, a.k.a. Crywolf, has only been behind the board for a couple of years, but his dedication is clear—this Angeleno is not a hobby producer. Ever since his initial offering Ghosts fired up the Hypem charts in 2013, it's been a whack-a-mole-style grind to appease his rabid online fanbase. Phillips has embraced the challenge with open arms, frequently reminding himself of the mantra, "Easy is overdone."

Check out Fuse's exclusive premiere of Crywolf's brand new single, "Neverland," featuring Charity Lane, below.

Propped up by a cutting, percussive backbone, Justin and Charity search for Peter Pan's elusive home on the track. The airy ecosystem is anchored by a Purity Ring-meets-traphouse chorus. "Neverland" drifts through indie pop scarcity on the verse before building to a subtle, and unexpected dubstep breakdown—an intriguing first look into the upcoming Dysphoria, Crywolf's official follow-up to 2014's lauded Runaway. The aptly titled Dysphoria reportedly follows a mysterious storyline—no doubt fueled by Phillips' irregular eating and sleep schedules—which is expected to unfold throughout the month of June. 

Phillips explained the project to Fuse:

Dysphoria was produced in a relatively short period of time, which meant 12-18-hour work days for me. During the last three months of creating this, I started getting some pretty heavy cabin fever—losing track of what time it was, what day it was, only eating like once a day. I was going slightly crazy, and for a project like this, it works.”

Dysphoria is slated for a June 23 release on Okami Records.