June 9, 2015


'Degrassi' Isn't Ending, and the Drake Years are Moving to Netflix

Stephen Scott/Epitome Pictures
Stephen Scott/Epitome Pictures

Degrassi, the Canadian teen drama to end teen dramas, never seemed like it would cease production. Hell, the program felt like it was going to rival The Simpsons in that both possess a militant cult following plus massive mass-appeal. Which made it a stunner when, a few days ago, it was announced that Degrassi would get the axe after a whopping 14 seasons.

Five days later and the head honchos in charge of these heartbreaking decisions have heard our cries...and it's not getting cancelled after all! MTV reports that Degrassi: The Next Class will debut on the Family Channel in 2016. Praise Jimmy!

The press release reads:

"Telling the stories of 'Generation Z,' the series focuses on a group of teens as they begin their journey into adulthood. Pushing their own limits and testing the bonds of family and friends, the students each find their own way to deal with a range of issues: from homophobia, racism, substance abuse and violence to burgeoning sexuality, body issues, heartbreak and the complications of dating in the social media age."

It gets better from there. Vintage Degrassi, the wheelchair-bound-Drake years, is coming to Netflix! We know what you're doing this summer...