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11 Artists You Didn't Know Diplo Produced

He's pop and EDM's coolest beatmaker, but have you heard his collabos with tecnobrega bands, K-pop superstars or British girl group members?

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Die Antwoord

Back when the wild South African trio was still the buzziest act on the Internet, Diplo crafted their single "Evil Boy," which was released closely after their viral breakout video for "Enter the Ninja."

Look out for Diplo in the accompanying (crazy) video.

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Banda Uó

Banda Uó hail from Brazil and produce tecnobrega music—a somewhat hilarious genre from northern Brazil that became famous for its reworks and remixes popular songs, a lot of times from the '80s. Dip worked on their 2012 single "Gringo" that, despite its ridiculous music video, boasts a banging, bounce-esque beat that would make Big Freedia proud.

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Marina & The Diamonds

Marina & The Diamonds did a creative 180 on 2012's Electra Heart album and enlisted an all-star cast of producers. Diplo helmed the British pop star's dubstep-y ballad with Dr. Luke that remains a fan favorite off the LP.

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Das Racist

Before Das Racist was the wise-cracking (now defunct) rap outfit we know today, they were just an underground hip hop act trying to make it with a friend in the Dip. "You Can Sell Anything" was a pre-fame cut appeared on one of their two now-classic mixtapes.

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Alex Clare

The London singer-songwriter doesn't exactly look like the superstars Diplo typically works with, but Alex Clare broke out big times thanks to the superstar's beat work. "Too Close," which was helmed by Diplo and his Major Lazer collaborator Switch, was a huge hit around the world, going Top 10 in America, the U.K., France, Germany and beyond.

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Verdict's still out on whether Kreayshawn is really a rapper, but she was an early Diplo collaborator with this 2012 track all about twerking—aka the signature move at any Diplo concert.

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Nicola Roberts

Unless you live in the U.K., you probably don't know Nicola Roberts. The redhead stunner was a member of the massive British girl group Girls Aloud (who hold a Guinness World record for their 20 consecutive Top 10 singles) and the singer called up Diplo to helm her debut solo single. 

"Beat of My Drum" was, by far, one of the best pop singles of 2011 and was one of the earliest indications that Diplo could make awesome, banging pop music.

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No Doubt

After more than two decades together, you'd think No Doubt would be pretty set in their ways. But the ska icons brought in Diplo to work on their 2012 comeback album Push and Shove, bringing the producer and his Major Lazer cohort Switch along with Spike Stent for the title track. 

It's a shame this wasn't pushed as a proper single, it's one of the best songs on the album.

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The Korean superstar is a longtime Diplo collaborator. Not only does the rapper/singer bring Diplo on to produce his tracks (like "Coup D'Etat" above or "Knock Out" with his BIGBANG band mate TOP), but Diplo's had GD feature on his English tracks including a remix of Major Lazer's "Bubble Butt" and the Skrillex collabo "Dirty Vibe."

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Robyn is famous for her synth-pop style, but for one of the best cuts on her 2010 Body Talk album, the Swedish singer took on a reggae vibe thanks to the super-producer. "Dancehall Queen" was an unexpected creative turn, but the results are so good.

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Riff Raff

The self-professed "neon icon" has yet to prove himself to the music scene, but he's luckily got a supporter in the all-star beatmaker. Diplo produced the rapper's 2014 single "Kokayne" and recently put him on his new track "Doctor Pepper" alongside CL and OG Maco. At least someone's taking Riff Raff seriously?

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