June 19, 2015


Kevin Says Don't Be Road-Dumb: Warped Rules Of The Road

Rayana Chumthong for Fuse
Rayana Chumthong for Fuse

Out of all the road dogs I've met in my life —the infamous Spud the Sound Guy, merchandising extraordinaire Quinn Holderman, Joey Lemble, Kerry King of Slayer— few can hold a candle to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. The guy's seen literally everything from Kid Rock fighting Pennywise, to Katy Perry cutting her teeth, to D12 getting kicked off the tour, and then some... x21. Literally 21, because that's how many years old the Vans Warped Tour turns this year.

Unfortunately, with all that good has to come a fair amount of bad. And when bad things happen, rules have to be made. "Look at this packet of rules with print on the front and back," Lyman exclaimed humorously to an attentive crowd of colorful onlookers in a stuffy warehouse. "There was a time when Warped Tour had only three rules!" 

The crowd Lyman was addressing was the Vans Warped Tour crew and artists who joined early for the rehearsal day in Pomona before tour kickoff today, Friday, June 19. Much of what Kevin went over in his speech was seemingly common sense (don't give alcohol to underage kids, don't have underage kids on your bus unless they're family), but then again, you know what they say—common sense ain't so common. 

One thing that's definitely not warped about Warped Tour is founder Kevin Lyman's ethical rules of the road, a liberal and fair code that takes into consideration US law. Regardless of how big or small the musician, or how big or small the tour, Lyman's rules can benefit touring artists everywhere.


  • Newbies: 
    • No number two on the bus. 
    • Leave your laminate on the driver's seat at truck stops.
    • Keep bus clean.
    • One bag only on the bus. (Other luggage is stowed below, much like the carry on rule endured on flights.)
    • Mark all personal food with your name. 
    • No guest on the bus without permission.
    • Sleep in your bunk.
  • Booze/Drugs
    • NO underage drinking tolerated.
    • Do NOT give anyone under 21 alcohol or drink if you are underage. 
    • NO hard drugs allowed on the tour.
    • Know the marijuana laws and consume in accordance. (IE: Colorado? OK. Nevada? Not OK.)
spwidoff via Getty Images
spwidoff via Getty Images
  • Trash/Recycling
    • Recycling is highly encouraged.
    • You are responsible for all trash in your area (including trash that "wasn't yours"). Don't leave any behind.
    • Reduce your "footprint" whenever possible.
  • Medical
    • Reporting An Emergency: Speak clearly, state the exact location where medical is needed, your name, and the nature of the incident. Wait for response.
    • Dehydration: Everyone should have at least eight glasses of water or more per day.
    • Allergies: If you are allergic to any foods, creatures, or other— be prepared.
    • Always wear closed-toe shoes.
    • Hygiene: Shower regularly, bring your own towel.
    • Keep open wounds covered.
  • Security
    • Wear your tour credentials. 
    • Don't sell your tour credentials.
    • Monitor your guests when they are outside of GA or common areas (IE: backstage, behind the merch table, on your bus).
    • Respect each other, behave.
    • No hard drugs. 
    • No marijuana where prohibited by state law.
    • No weapons.
    • No inciting or instigating the audience.
    • No arguing with local security.
    • No fighting.
    • No generally stupid things, like running around naked on a baseball field or cutting a hole in a fence for easier access.
  • Guestlist
    • Don't abuse the guestlist.
    • No going over the allotted number of guests.
    • Make sure guests are added before the cutoff.
    • You are 100% responsible for your guest's and your actions. If they act stupid, you look stupid.
    • No trying to sneak underage guests onto the list. 
    • Do not try to sneak guests past security who have not been added to the guestlist.
    • If they cannot/have not paid, and are not on the guestlist, they are not getting in.
Alija via Getty Images
Alija via Getty Images
  • Catering/Dining
    • NO cutting in line, even if lines are very long. Plan for your wait.
    • Exceptions are for local crew, stage/sound crew, and production with consideration for their time constraints and responsibilities.
    • Vegan/Veggie food options should not be taken unless you requested the food.
    • Clean up after yourself.
  • Hotels/Hotel Behavior
    • Wear shirt and shoes.
    • Don't loiter in the lobby.
    • Don't be loud and/or drunk.
    • Pay for all your own incidentals.
  • Tour Credentials
    • No duplicating, sharing, selling, giving away, or abusing your tour credentials.
    • Wear your laminate at all times.
    • AA and VIP credentials are not licenses to be a jerk.
    • If you lose your laminate, notify production or your tour manager right away.