June 2, 2015


Ready for Some New Eminem? Stream "Phenomenal" Now

Jake Gyllenhaal's about to appear as ripped wildman-type in Southpaw, the new boxing film from Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest, Olympus Has Fallen). The flick was originally going to star Mr. Marshall Mathers, who eventually bailed but stayed involved with the tunes. “Eminem has dedicated himself to ensuring that this film captured his passion for the project through his music," manager Paul Rosenberg recently said

Now we're hearing a slice of Southpaw (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture) with "Phenomenal." The beat's nothing special (really nothing special) but Em, as he did with 8 Mile's "Lose Yourself," takes the cinematic task at hand and jumps into full go-getter mode. He's rapping like a motivational speaker with 90 minutes of material to fit into a 15-minute slot in the school auditorium.

We're not the only ones thinking of the Oscar-winning "Lose Yourself," either, as Shady himself winks, "Time to slip into that song until I find myself." While "Phenomenal" isn't a sudden move that'll make Eminem a completely essential modern-day rapper again, it's a good reminder of the dude's sheer rhyming talent. Consider:

Let me self-empower you
When you're down and they're tryin to clown the fuck out of you
When you feel like you're runnin out of fuel
I'll show you how to use doubt as fuel
Convert it to gunpowder, too
Now what you do is put the match to the charcoal fluid
Put the spark to it like Martha Stewart barbecuing
Ah screw it, feel like you want to hit that wall, then do it
Punch through it, just cock back, put your all into it

Third verse is hot, too. The beat gets better.