June 8, 2015


Foo Fighters Confirm Sequel to 'Sonic Highways' Album & TV Show

Raphael Dias/Getty Images
Raphael Dias/Getty Images

The Foo Fighters shook up the rock game with Sonic Highways—an album coupled with an HBO docu-series that saw the band recording their eighth studio LP in eight different American cities. Not only was it a musical triumph (and one of our favorite records of the year), it showed up on film looking like a genuinely fun and fascinating project. So of course Dave Grohl & Co. are going to do it again.

The frontman confirmed to NMEthat the Foos would be shooting a second season of Sonic Highways, adding a note that it "might or might not be international" and that "it might only be in England." It probably goes without saying that an episode at Abbey Road would be incredible.

Even though Dave Grohl initially said Sonic Highways was a one-off project, the band has since changed its tune:

"By the time we were finished with Sonic Highways I was just fucking exhausted. But it's kind of a magical luxury of my life that I’m able to go around and interview people and learn about the history of all these awesome places so I wouldn't just give it up....The great thing about being in this band is that we don't have to do anything. Nobody ever tells us what to do or when to do it. So we kind of just figure it out. I think it’s one of the reasons we’ve been active for so long, nobody’s ever been able to tell us to stop."

There's no timeline attached to the upcoming project, but given that the past one took around 10 months to film, don't expect this until at least mid-2016.