June 24, 2015


"Lose It": Lil Wayne & Rick Ross Join French Montana on a Kanye Beat

Lil Wayne's appearing on a new song every other dayRick Ross is getting arrested every other day. Which makes French Montana's "Lose It" the perfect song for this moment.

Produced by Kanye West—it samples his "N---as in Paris" vocals right at the top—and the Mekanics, it's standard-issue, low-ebb stuff that's mostly a waste of the superstar roll call. Wayne delivers, as he's been doing nonstop for about a year now, but this one's not going to be kicking off anyone's new playlist.

As Complex notes, "It's not exactly clear when this song was recorded, but during Lil Wayne's verse, he does rap, 'Cash Money til I die,' which leads you to believe it was made awhile ago." Definitely; there's no way Weezy's turning back now, not before (or after) he wins that $51 million lawsuit.

Why anyone would sit on such a superstar-stacked track for so long is confusing—unless they agreed it was underwhelming—but it could be strategic timing for the rollout for French's Mac & Cheese: The Album. The sophomore record will follow 2013's Excuse My French.