June 9, 2015


Badass 'Game of Thrones' Theme Song Gets Badass Trance Remix

Dutch producer Armin van Buuren is as excited to watch Sunday's Game of Thrones Season 5 finale as you are. Only he's got proof. This week the DJ dropped his trance remix of the show's theme song.

In a quick live intro, van Buuren announces that he'd been demoing the Game of Thrones remix for a while in his live sets, including at March's Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Dig that new Armin van Buuren all day, and keep it at hand in case you need something to hold you over till Sunday. (Hashtag Drogon, hashtag Bronn.) Nothing beats that breakdown at the three-minute mark. Dropping the bass can still do it for us, especially when it's van Buuren style.

The original Game of Thrones theme song comes from Iranian-German composer Ramin Djawadi. Each season has its own album; they're all on Spotify. They're awesome. Especially to listen to as you geek out on the books.