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In Reply To Billboard: 'Gov Ball 2015's 10 Toughest Scheduling Conflicts'

In reply to Jason L and Billboard.com, my round-up of the 10 toughest scheduling overlaps at Governors Ball 2015

Governors Ball

Yesterday Billboard's Jason Lipshutz took a crack at helping feverish music fans and festival attendees make some very hard decisions this weekend at Gov Ball 2015, "Florence or Decemberists? WoD or 'Weird Al'?" More importantly, LDR or the Keys??

Not as if you really needed a hand from Jason or I, but he threw his hat in the ring and I've been compelled to correct him on a few points.

In reply to Jason L and Billboard.com, click the blue arrow for my round-up of the 10 toughest scheduling overlaps at Governors Ball 2015.

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10. Clean Bandit vs. White Lung

Saturday, June 6

1:30 - 2:15 PM 

The Conflict: Jason poses that the conflict here is "no-hold-barred [sic] post-punk of White Lung" vs. the "joyful, strings-laden house of Clean Bandit." With polarity being the devil here, the right choice will surely be in the ear of the beholder. However, what you've really got to ask yourself is "Am I a rubber necker?" As in, the last time you happened upon a three car pileup did you slow and gawk?  

The Right Choice: Jason claims the best play here is to split your time and try to score 20 minutes of each set. There are a couple of things wrong with this. First, trekking the grounds becomes considerably harder and slower when it's a mudpit- which it's sure to be give than it's raining in NYC as I type this. If you try and cut out mid-set to get to any other stages, you risk missing both sets as you fight your suction cup feet out of the ether. 

More importantly, EDM and house is extremely boring live, even when they play the hits. White Lung on the other hand, is like an audio translation of the aforementioned three car pileup with a fire-defiled Peterbilt semi truck carcass surrounded by a gaggle of frustrated FDNY members as the backdrop. Make the right choice, you know what to do.

2 / 10

9. Atmosphere vs. Future Islands

Saturday, June 6

5:45 - 6:45 PM

The Conflict: "The hip-hop troupe Atmosphere can turn a festival crowd of casual fans into diehard believers within an hour's time, while Samuel T. Herring and Future Islands will make sure to pummel the curious with tight synth-rock and animalistic dance moves."

The Right Choice: Jason, you nailed this one. As a Minnesotan, I feel like I have deep perspective on the tired devotion of Atmosphere fans, thus I can't agree that they really pack any hypnotizing tricks in the Slug & Ant festival experience. If it weren't for Slug's totally bizarre and inappropriate stage banter there would be nothing at all to see. 

Samuel T. Herring, though. That is a live show to behold. What a beautiful, goddamned weirdo that man is.

3 / 10

8. Florence + The Machine vs. The Decemberists

Friday, June 5

6:45 - 8:00 PM

The Conflict: "Florence and her Machine have all the critical and commercial heat right now (new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful will likely hit No. 1 next week), but the Decmemberists [sic] have existed for twice as long and always put on a stellar live show."

The Right Choice: Again, I'm going to have to agree with Jason. In the face of this pressing decision, I choose Florence. All eyes are on the siren singer as she preps for a huge year, and for me The Decemberists have always been a living room band. They're sordid storytellers, and the lyrics are ripe for dissection, not drugged, shouting sing alongs in the rain. Just my take on the matter.

4 / 10

7. Rae Sremmurd vs. DIIV

Friday, June 5

1:30 - 2:15 PM

The Conflict: "Both Rae Sremmurd and DIIV are top-notch live performers, but only one can help kick off a festival weekend on early Friday afternoon."

The Right Choice: The last thing rap needs is another here-this-morning-gone-this-afternoon no-hit-wonder act. Sorry Jason, I love bad bitches as much as the next guy but I opt for the drug deluged shoegazers this time.

5 / 10

6. Hot Chip vs. Flying Lotus

Sunday, June 7

8:00 - 9:15 PM

The Conflict: "Hot Chip provides the geeky dance-rock, while FlyLo makes the minds of electronic geeks expand."

The Right Choice: I'm glad Billboard went with FlyLo, but disappointed that Hot Chip was even a consideration. This is SO obvious, I wouldn't have flinched for a millisecond when perusing the schedule. Hell, I'm not even sure if I would have noticed the conflict. Sheer talent carries FlyLo through his career. I don't even know what's carrying the corny white dance rockers of yesteryear. 

6 / 10

5. The War on Drugs vs. "Weird Al" Yankovic

MANCHESTER, TN - JUNE 11: Concertgoers wait on line at the food trucks during the 2011 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival on Ju
Rob Loud/Getty Images

Sunday, June 7

5:45 - 6:45 PM

The Conflict: "It's not every day you can break up your alternative festival experience with "Amish Paradise," "Another One Rides The Bus" and "Dare To Be Stupid." Then again, the War on Drugs released one of 2014's most undeniable albums, and provided Coachella with a gorgeous sunset performance."

The Right Choice: "Kurt Vile's not playing? Meh. I'm hungry, let's go check out the food trucks. Besides if we go to Weird Al we might run into that square Jason."

7 / 10

4. Flume vs. SBTRKT

Saturday, June 6

8:00 - 9:30 PM

The Conflict: The large majority of SBTRKT's set overlaps with Flume's, causing a maddening conflict for EDM-first festival goers.

The Right Choice: Ehhh, not that maddening. As I mentioned at the top of this list, EDM is really boring live, so you're kind of screwed either way. I love Flume, but I can get the same experience out of them if I just turn the record up really loud at my house. At least SBTRK has that soulful vocal styling. WRONG AGAIN, JASON.

8 / 10

3. Future vs. Charli XCX

Friday, June 5

3:00 - 3:45 PM

The Conflict: "We want to hear an afternoon "Boom Clap" sing-along, but watching "Fuck Up Some Commas" blasting out from the main stage will be pretty euphoric, too."

The Right Choice: I have never understood the Future train. Nothing about the guy has ever stood out and it blows my mind that he's a goddamned millionaire off of those pedestrian hype tracks. The only explanation for his success is that the south is experiencing a lull in their hip hop output with the champions of old (Luda, Outkast, et al) all on the downswing of their professional apexes. Charli is a hot, messy train wreck of a babe with, and I'd be perfectly satisfied hearing her do "Boom Clap" on a 30 minute loop. 

9 / 10

2. Drake vs. My Morning Jacket

Friday June 5

9:15 - 11:00 PM

The Conflict: "Mainstream music fans might think this is a romp for Drizzy, but lest we forget, Drake's Coachella sets were deeply uneven. Meanwhile, My Morning Jacket just dropped their most consistent album in years and remain a force of nature at festivals. Drake vs. MMJ is a frustratingly fair fight."

The Right Choice: I was really nervous that you were gonna do something stupid, Jason. Whew. Yes, of course you'll be chilling with Aubrey this evening.

10 / 10

1. The Black Keys vs. Lana Del Rey

Sunday, June 7

9:15 - 11:00 PM

The Conflict: "Del Rey could roll out a new song or two during her first Governors Ball appearance, while the Black Keys will make one of their only festival appearances of 2015 to end the weekend."

The Right Choice: This is one of the only truly difficult decisions of the weekend, but I still won't be losing any sleep over my opt in for LDR. The girl's enigma is magnetic, and I'm dying to check her off my live show bucket list. If she plays "Off To The Races," I'll be satisfied if I never get to see Akron's unlikely rock icons. See you there, Mr. Lipshutz.

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