June 5, 2015


In Reply To Billboard: 'Gov Ball 2015's 10 Toughest Scheduling Conflicts'

Governors Ball
Governors Ball

Yesterday Billboard's Jason Lipshutz took a crack at helping feverish music fans and festival attendees make some very hard decisions this weekend at Gov Ball 2015, "Florence or Decemberists? WoD or 'Weird Al'?" More importantly, LDR or the Keys??

Not as if you really needed a hand from Jason or I, but he threw his hat in the ring and I've been compelled to correct him on a few points.

In reply to Jason L and Billboard.com, click the blue arrow for my round-up of the 10 toughest scheduling overlaps at Governors Ball 2015.

#110. Clean Bandit vs. White Lung

Saturday, June 6

1:30 - 2:15 PM 

The Conflict: Jason poses that the conflict here is "no-hold-barred [sic] post-punk of White Lung" vs. the "joyful, strings-laden house of Clean Bandit." With polarity being the devil here, the right choice will surely be in the ear of the beholder. However, what you've really got to ask yourself is "Am I a rubber necker?" As in, the last time you happened upon a three car pileup did you slow and gawk?  

The Right Choice: Jason claims the best play here is to split your time and try to score 20 minutes of each set. There are a couple of things wrong with this. First, trekking the grounds becomes considerably harder and slower when it's a mudpit- which it's sure to be give than it's raining in NYC as I type this. If you try and cut out mid-set to get to any other stages, you risk missing both sets as you fight your suction cup feet out of the ether. 

More importantly, EDM and house is extremely boring live, even when they play the hits. White Lung on the other hand, is like an audio translation of the aforementioned three car pileup with a fire-defiled Peterbilt semi truck carcass surrounded by a gaggle of frustrated FDNY members as the backdrop. Make the right choice, you know what to do.

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