June 15, 2015


Is This the Next Post-One Direction Zayn Malik Recording?

We live in dark, confusing times. One Direction is Zayn Malik-less and the boys have been fighting. Okay, Louis Tomlinson was tweeting some mean stuff and Zayn was mean right back. It seems that everything has since settled, but here we are, once again, with a mysterious Malik tune. But this is no "I Won't Mind." Confused yet?

A song has surfaced on Tumblr, a recording of Zayn belting it out alongside British rapper Mic Righteous. They're tackling the Rae Sremmurd hit, "No Type." Zayn doesn't rap, sorry to disappoint.

It sounds like classic Malik but through a cool, R&B, almost Nick Jonas-y filter. Is this the sort of music Zayn has always loved? Is this what the future holds? And more importantly, can we pick the next cover?

Listen to it above, then flip through 1D's best instagrams from 2014 and check out our favorite reactions to the heartthrobs' "Night Changes" video. Who could forget the spaghetti scene?