June 17, 2015


Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Will Go to Space in 'Passengers'

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Jennifer Lawrence has been one of our biggest, bestest stars for a while now. Chris Pratt has been our dearly beloved since Parks and Rec kicked off back in 2009, but he's been on a light-speed come-up since last year's Lego movie and Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, which is currently eating dollars like a T-Rex snacking on goats. (It made $524.4 million worldwide in its opening weekend and $208.8 million in America, making it the biggest U.S. opener of all time.)

So it's with great euphoria we learn that Pratt and J-Law are going to join their all-star powers for Passengers, a sci-fi movie from Oscar-nominated Norweigan director Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) and writer Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, the upcoming Mummy reboot).

Slashfilm describes Passengers thusly:

The script is about a man, to be played by Pratt, who is among thousands of passengers on a colony ship partway through a decades-long interstellar journey. Awakened early from cryogenic sleep by a system malfunction, he finally makes the decision to wake another sleeping passenger, to be played by Lawrence, to avoid spending decades alone on the ship.

Possibly the coolest news of all is that J-Law will earn a humongous $20 million...while her male costar will only take home $12 million. Hollywood, finally not fucking up. Hit Vulture for an in-depth breakdown of why Lawrence is worth the dough.