June 11, 2015


Jhené Aiko, Jessie J, DJ Mustard and Rixton Go H.A.M. for Pop-Tarts

Getty Images
Getty Images

If you told us the best song of this Thursday would be Jessie J and English dude-group Rixton, we would've been like, "Yeah? Serious?"

But Jhené Aiko and DJ Mustard improve all things, and "Sorry to Interrupt" isn't sorry to interrupt your day with its party-readiness. Even if its a song that was directly commissioned by Pop-Tarts for a summer-long promo campaign. Spin it below.

We're not even going to hate on the fact this is a song made for a high-sugar toaster pastry item. Pop-Tarts are dope.

In other news: How is Mustard's production still so freaking addictive, despite the fact that he's basically coasting and not evolving in any way? Those claps and HEYs and kindergartener key stabs are still doing it.