June 12, 2015


Listen to Justin Bieber's Original Version of "Where Are U Now"

Even after a few rough years, Justin Bieber has sneaked back onto radio (and our playlists!) with the slick dance track "Where Are Ü Now," a Top 20 hit. But a new version of the single has surfaced on the internet, and it strips away Jack Ü's EDM and showcases the pop star at his rawest.

Listen above to hear what's being touted as the "original" version of "Where Are Ü Now." We get to hear new vocals and lyrics with loads of strings and piano added to the mix. While Bieber sounds awesome crooning the heartfelt lyrics, we do think this version's melody isn't as sharp as the version Diplo and Skrillex crafted.

The track made its way out thanks to Poo Bear, one of the track's producers, who featured on the Bieber song "Hard 2 Face Reality." He revealed the track on Dash Radio, telling the station: 

"This was the version that was cut before Diplo and Skrillex actually got a hold of it and put that incredible sound on it. It just went gold, congratulations Jack Ü and Justin. This is the original version, and I believe this version will go on his album."

Could an EDM-less version of the album cut mean JB's going for a more emotional or stripped-down style for his upcoming LP? We're hoping for a nice balance of the two styles given the success of "Where Are Ü Now" along with how we love a good Bieber ballad.