June 2, 2015


'LFL' Game 7 Preview: One of the LFL’s Most Fierce Rivalries Is Set to Square Off


The Western Conference rivalry that Legends Football League fans have been waiting for, takes play on Saturday night, June 6th, at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, as the Seattle Mist host the Los Angeles Temptation. LA is riding high off of their big win against the Sin, and with a league bye week the Temptation are rested and ready to go again. While many would suspect that Seattle has been patiently waiting for their turn to take the field this season, the last six weeks of practice have been rather crucial, due to some late roster acquisitions.  Coaches Biz and Tui of the Temptation are looking to bring a fourth Legends Cup to Los Angeles, while Seattle’s Chris Michaelson has plans of his own this season to bring Seattle their first Legends Cup.  Seattle versus LA has been around since the leagues beginning, and this rivalry always brings hard-hits, trash-talk, and exciting plays.


The Temptation took care of business against the Las Vegas Sin two weeks ago and displayed their dominant offense in the second half. Game MVP, Carmen Bourseau posted stellar running-back numbers with her 10 carries for 115 yards, while scoring 3 touchdowns during the win. Bourseau’s yardage accounted for almost half of LA’s offense, while quarterback Ashley Salerno and Amanda Ruller added 74 and 28 yards respectively on the ground. In the game, Salerno also threw for 64 yards on three completions, two of which were touchdowns to Monica Jaramillo and Kiara Patterson.

Los Angeles is on a mission to get back to their championship winning ways that they had in the first three season of the league. The sail is set in the right direction, with head coaches Tui Suiaunoa and David ‘Biz’ Bizub back at the reins, and a veteran roster with great depth. Two of LA’s defensive-line rookies, Naja Christmas and Kimm Chase, had a solid performance in the second-half of their game against the Sindy Cummings-led Sin offense. After noting that Naja Christmas was the strongest player on the team, Coach Suiaunoa said, ” I feel sorry for any player that has to go up against her once she develops and masters the understanding of the game and grasps all the concepts of football.”

Though everyone knows Ashley Salerno can throw the ball just as good as any other quarterback to play in the LFL, we still have not had a great look at LA’s passing game this season. Salerno had just eight attempts passing against Las Vegas, as she ended up scrambling for positive gains on many of her drop-backs during the contest. Expect Salerno to rely on her passing game, and possibly getting rid of the ball quicker against the Seattle Mist, as they generally bring a lot of heat up front defensively to contest the run and put pressure on the quarterback.  Salerno could put up big numbers against the rival Mist if she is able to find her open receivers.


LA needs to have another strong game defensively upfront to control the line of scrimmage. Their ability to contain Sindy Cummings was key for their success as the secondary played well enough to win. However, KK Matheny has better legs than Cummings so it will be a test to see what kind of speed and quickness LA’s defensive line possesses. Offensively, Los Angeles will need a better balanced attack as Seattle will look to shut down the running game on Saturday night. Salerno will need to target her receivers quickly and try and beat the Seattle secondary.


Seattle’s head coach Chris Michaelson did a great job of putting together a strong team this off-season. His team consists of nine players that were All-Fantasy players at one time or another. The acquisitions of quarterback KK Matheny, receiver Bryn Renda, and linebacker Danika Brace were huge for the Seattle Mist in many ways, as Matheny will look to lead the offense and Brace has the passion and leadership to lead the Mist defense.

Offensively, Seattle has the weapons to allow Michaelson to put together the well-designed offensive schemes he has become known for. With the versatile KK Matheny at quarterback, expect the Mist to have a balanced attack offensively, leaning toward the pass. Matheny has receiving targets Bryn Renda and Jessica Hopkins leading the way with some depth this season with rookie Kadi Findling.  Upfront at center is Megan Hanson and on both sides of her are Danika Brace and Deanna Schaper-Kotter. Returning running-back Stevi Schnoor will lead the ground game this season for the Mist.

On the defensive side of the ball, Seattle is lead by All-Fantasy linebacker Danika Brace who was a standout player on the Sin defense the last two seasons. At the defensive-end positions are Stevi Schnoor and Deena Schaper-Kotter. The secondary consists of safety tandem Jessica Hopkins and Lily Granston and corner-backs Megan Hanson and rookie Kadi Findling.


The Mist will need to play a smart game on both sides of the ball Saturday night. The offense has only had about a solid six weeks to practice as a unit this season, with the late acquisitions of KK Matheny and Bryn Renda. If the offense in on the same page, they could be very potent against the LA defense with Michaelson’s play calling and the weapons around Matheny.  Defensively, Seattle will need to bring the heat upfront and stop the Temptation running game lead by Carmen Bourseau. Kadi Findling will need to play a good game as Ashley Salerno and coach ‘Biz’ might target receivers on her side to try and expose the rookie. Form tackling will be key, as Vegas proved that ‘arm-tackling’ and trying to bring down players at shoulder level doesn’t work against the elite athletes on the Temptation.

– Text by Colton Cull, originally posted on LFL360.com

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