June 3, 2015


Listen to Man Overboard's Defiant New Tune "Cliffhanger"

New Jersey pop-punkers Man Overboard might take their name from a vastly underrated Blink-182 song, but their new sound opts for something much more brutal. "Cliffhanger" is the latest track from the band's upcoming highly anticipated fourth studio album, Heavy Love. It sees the band playing with a newfound ferocity.

"Cliffhanger" kicks off with impossibly quick percussion (a la late-Blink—sense a pattern here? We can all learn something from the church of Travis Barker) before slowing into the first verse: "It's cold / It's supposed to be / In the night / Got a hold on me," before growing into a defiant bridge "This is what I do / This is who I am."

The chorus grows in intensity, lead vocalists Nik Bruzzese and Zac Eisenstein launching into dueling vox, one melodic and familiar, another a harsh growl. The entire song is a bit of a—wait for it—metaphorical cliffhanger, with the guys exploring their identities in terms of what's next. Heavy stuff.

The video is equally as dynamic. Guitarist Wayne Wildrick explains, 

"What this video is trying to show are the variables out of our control that our jammed down our throats every second of the day that effects the way we perceive and gauge our own success. It's always hard to find yourself between extreme social and political gaps. Punk rock always brought the outside world to the listener's attention, and it seems that has been lost lately and the focus is more on inner struggle. We believe most of that inner struggle comes from mental oppression, which we portray in the video. We hope you make the connection. And if you don't that's ok too. Just bang your head and enjoy the music."

Watch/listen to "Cliffhanger" exclusively on Fuse above, and make sure to catch the guys on Warped Tour 2015 this summer. Peep the dates here.