June 23, 2015


Pop Fans, Rejoice! Listen to Mel Jade's 'Dreamsick' Album Here

We're very serious about pop music here at Fuse and proud to premiere the new album from one of the scene's most promising rising stars. Meet Mel Jade, an Australian singer-songwriter whose sound recalls the forward-thinking electro-pop productions of Kylie Minogue and Natalia Kills, mixed with Charli XCX's indominable spunk.

Take a listen to Mel's sophomore album Dreamsick below exclusively on Fuse. From its a cappella opener "Cheerleader" to punchy first single "Bliss" along with "Luxury," which recalls very-early Lady Gaga, get lost in this at-time dizzying, at-times dreamy pop affair:

Ms. Jade detailed the LP's inspiration and curious back story to Fuse: 

"Dreamsick is mostly about suburbia as a fantasy. The album is about turning normal, everyday life into something like art. Nobody needs fame and fortune to be wonderful, real life is already pretty cool. In terms of the sound, it has a kind of underground-pop vibe. I mashed together all my favorite sounds like glitches and distortions, girly bells, lush harmonies, badass bass, energetic guitars and lots of other fun things I like hearing.

I started writing Dreamsick when I was living in London. I didn't really know if I'd do a sophomore album at the time, but I just couldn't stop writing! I had so much inspiration so I thought, 'Hey, why not?' I recorded it back home in Australia with 66 Music who really understood my vision. They're the best. I would fly from Melbourne to Canberra where the studio is based and record for about a week at a time. I would eat and sleep at the studio and just be totally immersed in the world we were creating. It was really fun and involved a lot of coconut water, cheese toasties and hanging out with the most adorable, blind teacup poodle named Tia."

If you're digging what you hear, pre-order Dreamsick on iTunes before it officially drops on July 1.