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12 Must-See Artists at Amnesia Rockfest 2015

From System of a Down to War on Women to Goldfinger performing all of Green Day's 'Dookie,' Canada's biggest rock fest has a stellar lineup this year. Here are our picks!

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System of a Down

Earlier this year, System of a Down played their first ever show in their ancestral home of Yerevan, the performance arriving exactly 100 years after the Armenian Genocide. It was the event that gave the world the term "genocide," the event that resulted in the slaughter of over 1.5 million Armenians...and it had a specific start date: April 24, 1915. SOAD have since taken to the road to share this message, ensuring their country's history would all but be forgotten. They're headlining Amnesia Fest this year in what should prove to be a memorable gig.

Oh, and before you find your way to Amnesia, take our SOAD ultimate fan quiz.

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Linkin Park

Can you have a rock fest without Linkin Park? Probably not, and good thing it's not an issue for Amnesia attendees. At this point, the dudes have so many smashes that a set is like two hours of straight hits, a medley of sorts. 

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The Offspring

There are few bands that bleed "California" and "pop-punk" like the Offspring. Their songs feel oddly classic now, a certain sunny '90s sound partnered with punk ferocity. Their best known album is Americana, and guess what? The guys are playing it in its entirety at Amnesia. You're welcome.

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Rock and roll can only go so far. To get seriously heavy you need to jump to metal...and who better than thrash godfathers Slayer? Get ready to have your head ripped off (as told to us by Exodus' Gary Holt, now a live member).

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The Deftones are back, that's a gift from God in it's own right. Not only are they back, but for one night only—at Amnesia Rockfest, no less—the crew will perform all of Around the Fur. Get those Instagram videos ready!

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Tenacious D

Tenacious D, the half-serious, half-silliness metal project of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, are almost making their way to the Canadian fest after winning a GRAMMY. Get ready for laughs and shredtastic guitar riffs!

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Those who have a thirst for metal but require the heaviest of the heavy, the sludgiest of the sludge, I present to you Hatebreed. Get those fists in the hair and put your beer somewhere safe; things are about to get messy.

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Goldfinger are best known for their hit "Superman," but those wise enough to uncover the rest of their expansive discography will be delighted to learn of their dynamic, power pop-punk and ska sound. Fronted by producer extraordinaire John Feldman and you're in for a real treat.

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The Dookies

Also known as Goldfinger, playing all of Green Day's Dookie. The age we live in!

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The Ataris

The Ataris are more than just their version of "Boys of Summer," but it is pretty impressive that they were able to take a Don Henley classic and make it a pop-punk staple. Imagine what they can do with original material!

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War on Women

Like many rock festivals, there's a few too many dudes on stage, not enough women. Fortunately enough, War on Women are holding it down with sounds of feminist ideals. Thank God(dess).

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RVIVR come from the new class of power pop-punk, writing songs with a fresh energy. Their set will be a welcome change to the old school greats on this list, and you'll leave Amnesia having learned something new. How great is that? 


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