June 17, 2015


Check Out Never Shout Never's Latest Track, "Boom"

Never fear, Never Shout Never are here! Longtime fans of the band might know the project best as the moniker of Christofer Drew but the talented indie/emo icon has since begun identifying as a full band. Don't get it twisted.

The band are gearing up for their release of Black Cat via Warner Bros, their first release since Recycled Youth, Vol. 1 which dropped...earlier this year. These guys are pretty prolific. Today we get a taste of this next endeavor with the bizarre "Boom" track.

There's a weird scat sound that carries the tune, a repetition of the word "boom," and Drew's signature vocals. "I've got this ringing in my ears," he sings, "They've been ringing for years." Ours too, buddy! Listen to it above and make sure to check out NSN on this year's Warped Tour. Fuse will be on the ground at the festival this weekend, stay tuned for more. 

The band will also take over our Instagram account August 5th, keep an eye out!