June 15, 2015


Listen to a Sweeping, Experimental New Childish Gambino Song

Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, Young Bino, whatever you're calling the man/myth/legend this morning, was one of many the many Bonnaroo killers that straight slayed us over the weekend. Any Gambino set is a treasure at this point in his still-on-the-rise, precision-sharpened career—but one with a brand new song? A six-minute song? A melodic, weird, D'Angelo-meets-Queen-meets-Donald-meets-seven-stripes-of-classic-rock song? TOO GOOD.

Check out the performance of the new track above; sound quality's strong enough to experience this beast, and the video's alright, too. The untitled cut gets better and better, culminating with some goosebump-donating falsetto work at the 5:20 mark. (If you didn't know Bino had that tool in to his arsenal by now, that's your bad.)

Gambino's new album—the follow-up to his sprawling studio record Because the Internet and his sparkling late 2014 mixtape/EP combo release STN MTN/Kauai—is coming soon. According to some news by Reddit and Fader detectives, Donald's been fucking with more that 50 L.A. artists on the project. And yeah, there are photos. And yup, it looks like it could sound like the 2011 debut Camp, with its choral ambitions for giganticness. And after his hot streak lately, Bino might pull it off with even more panache than the first time around. Maybe he can serve us a sequel to Kanye's operatic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy opener.