June 19, 2015


There's a New Dashboard Confessional Album on the Way

Larry Marano/Getty Images
Larry Marano/Getty Images

Chris Carrabba's Dashboard Confessional debuted in 2000 with The Swiss Army Romance and hit the six-album mark in an efficient nine years. But we haven't heard anything new since 2009's Alter the Ending, and while a summer tour with Third Eye Blind was exciting, nostalgia-tastic news, it didn't fill the emo hole in our emo hearts.

WEEP NO MORE (or get ready to weep again, but for a different, happier reason?), because Carrabba just told Entertainment Weekly that the drought's about to end. “It really feels like we’re eager to write, which means there’s probably a new record coming out,” he said. Then, the clincher: “Who am I kidding? There’s a new record coming.”

We have the Third Eye Blind team-up to thank for the development. “This tour has led us to say, ‘All we want to do is tour.’ The next stop comes [new music],” Carrabba said. “I need it like I need chocolate and beer. Like I need love and a skateboard and… I just need it.” (Quick, someone send this guy a chocolate-and-beer-flavored skateboard.)

Carrabba isn't sure what the new Dashboard Confessional album will sound like (“We will sound like what we sound like"), but he plans to "start writing any minute now." The only goal is "to take a step forward." 

And to make us cry.