June 24, 2015


Up-and-Coming Producer Odd Couple Shares Uplifting "DayDream"

Rene Marban
Rene Marban

Milwaukee-born, Chicago-based producer Odd Couple grabbed our attention a few weeks ago with "Me Time." The cut featured bars and vocals from the O'My's, Kweku Collins and Jack Red—but the star was the beat. Grabbing that amazing barbershop-style skit from 2 Chainz's major label debut and adding a slew of joyful orchestration, "Me Time" hit instant smash status for us after the second spin.

Now Odd Couple's got his Chatterbox album on the way, which he's been cooking up in the studio with a number of emerging artists for close to two years. Today we're premiereing "DayDream," an Odd Couple-only cut that fits its name well. 

"'DayDream' really came from me more or less envisioning that breakthrough moment where the trials make sense, the work pays off, where I can just say, 'It was worth it,'" Odd Couple tells Fuse. "And because that concept is pretty personal to me, I wanted to do everything myself, and make it as big and dynamic and individual as I could." 

The final result's full of positivity-radiating pianos, montage-friendly drums, sensational sprinkles of guitars, sample-bits and strings. "I've gotten so much better at taking an idea or a feeling I've experienced and expressing it sonically," Odd Couple says. In the end, "DayDream" sounds like nothing out there right now; it sounds like OC:

Chatterbox will feature Kanye's new collaborator Allan Kingdom ("All Day"), Michael Christmas, Saba, Carter Lang, Mike Golden, Kweku Collins, Joey Purp, and more names you're either in the know about or will be soon. Odd Couple hit us with details about the LP:

"The album is so cool for me because it turned out so organic. Lot of times you make a beat, people rap, sing, whatever on it. There's your song. With all of these songs the artists and I crafted these ideas and took our time with making each cut. Like I'd sit back and be like, 'Damn, I can't believe we're pulling this off,' because of how things would come together. Like I'm forever grateful to all these guys for helping bringing this project to life, and just brightening my vision farther than I could've expected."

And what'd he think of his man A.K. teaming with Yeezus? 

"Haha, yeah, I lost my shit when I saw Allan on stage with Kanye the first time. Like I'm a Kanye stan, through and through. Facts only. Seeing a homie of mine rock a stage with him is a vicariously dope. But ultimately, I have to leave a legacy of my own. I want to be able to look back on whatever it is I'm doing and say that I helped define a time, a sound, a mindset. I also have to buy my mom a crib—on some real shit." 

Seems like "DayDream" is on its way to coming true.