June 30, 2015


Listen to Pharrell's Apple Music Single "Freedom" Now

Richard Bord/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Richard Bord/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Update (6/30): Apple Music launched on Tuesday, and with it came Pharrell's new single, "Freedom." Celebrated Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe played the song twice in a row for its premiere.

The track is jaunty, wide-ranging, and has the positivity of "Happy" with James Brown shrieks on the hook. Pharrell's Glastonbury performance of "Freedom" had us wondering if it'd be an eight-minute piece of giganto-pop, but the single is actually a tidy three-minutes. Listen below.

Original Story (6/24): Apple Music might be taking hits left and right already—and trying to save face by conceding to payment demands by Taylor Swift—but it started out strong. The streaming service has exciting features, and it's got star DJs in the BBC's Zane Lowe, Drake and modern legend Pharrell.

P's new song, "Freedom," will debut exclusively on Apple Music on June 30. Preview it below. We're not sure about that line "your first name is 'free' / your last name is 'dom,'" but we'll hang tight till we hear the whole thing. (Or until we don't hear the whole thing, depending on whether or not we dive into Apple Music's free trial, and whether or not this "exclusive," like Tidal's "exclusives," leaks to the wider internet.)

Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd notes that "Freedom"—which was also previewed in a recent Apple Music ad—seems to sound like a 1990 house song by Soho called "Hot Music." Another thing we'll have to watch out for when the final version drops. After the brutal "Blurred Lines" vs. Marvin Gaye lawsuit, we're guessing Pharrell's being a little more cautious about "inspiration."