June 10, 2015


It's So Raven That Raven-Symoné Is Now Cohost of 'The View'

Fred Lee/ABC via Getty Images
Fred Lee/ABC via Getty Images

"Raven-Symoné is now permanent," Whoopi Goldberg told her audience on The View on Wednesday. The 29-year-old actress we got to know on The Cosby Show then hit the stage to "loud applause, cheers and a shower of confetti."

Deadline reports that "Raven-Symoné’s arrival is one of several View hosting news expected over the next few months," noting that Whoopi is the only panelist who's contracted through next season. She's also the View veteran, having been on the show eight years now. The other two Season 18 panelists are Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. Rosie O'Donnell was back for a bit this year; now she's not.

Raven's lovable, and That's So Raven is forever, as is The Cheetah Girls. But there's already some pushback bubbling up. Vulture's Dee Lockett notes that Raven "has appeared on nearly 40 episodes of the show," then wondering whether it's a net positive that we're possibly in store for Raven riffing on stuff "she thinks she's qualified to talk about every single day!" Burn— but this messy mishap might put you over to the scorchy side.

The Daily Beast's conflicted headline is Why Crazy-Ass Raven-Symoné Will Save ‘The View.' The thinking over there, from Kevin Fallon:

Seated next to an Oscar-winning Hollywood trailblazer [Goldberg], a former Republican strategist [Wallace], and a Latino icon and renowned activist [Perez], Symoné has been the salt, sugar, and spice making an otherwise woefully bland and mushy morning dish the hot breakfast ticket in morning TV.

She’s made headlines for speaking absolute nonsense—with great and admirable confidence—on a wide array of topics over the past few months. She’s angered some, amused others, and, most importantly, garnered the attention of all. But you know what? Speaking freely (and occasionally like a lunatic) is her job. Now it’s a daily one. And boy is she good at it.

Some of us are unqualified to really comment on The View because we have to go to work and we only see The View when we're home on a snow day or something. But congratulations, Raven. We're pro–"more you in the world," even if we end up reading some cringeworthy headlines along the way. And honestly Whoopi & Co. needed a cool friend, bad.