July 2, 2015


Rick Ross Granted $2 Million Bail a Week After Assault Arrest

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Update (7/2): A week after getting arrested on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated, Rick Ross has posted bail in Fayette Country, Ga. for $2 million. Ross has agreed to 24-hour GPS location monitoring and will turn over his $1 million+ Georgia mansion "if he intimidates or threatens any witnesses." TMZ has video from the courtroom, as well as more details about the alleged crime:

Prosecutors reminded the judge how vicious the alleged crime was -- telling him Ross dragged the groundskeeper back into the house and beat him multiple times ... and also held a gun to his chest and threatened to "pop a cap" in him if he talked.

Prosecutors said Ross was pissed because the groundskeeper -- who lives on the property -- had people over for his birthday the night before.

Update (6/24, 1:45pm): Rick Ross has been denied bail after being arrested for kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery early on June 24. Billboard obtained the warrant for Ross' arrest, which details a June 7 incident where Ross allegedly assault a man named Jonathan Zamudio with a handgun and forced him to remain in a guest house in his mansion against his will. The warrant reads: 

Subject did assault the victim, Jonathan Zamudio, (twice), with a handgun, specifically a Glock 17, 9mm, black in color, and in doing so caused two chipped teeth, jaw injury, neck injury, and multiple scratches and contusions. The victim lost the use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as result of not being able to chew food.

Nadrian L. James, who is being identified as "an associate of Ross," is also being held without bail for similar charges.

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Original Story (6/24, 10:15am): Rick Ross is facing kidnapping, assault and battery charges after being arrested in Atlanta. According to the Associated Press, the rapper and his bodyguard were arrested at his mansion by U.S. Marshals Service fugitive force and deputies early Wednesday, June 24.

Ross was being held at Fayette County Jail on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery, a supervisor with the Marshals' Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force said. One of Ross' bodyguards is being held on the same charges.

According to supervisor, someone in Ross' mansion would initially not let the team onto his property. "They refused to open the gate, so we opened the gate for them," the supervisor, Jim Joyner, told the AP, but added that they did not need to break down any doors when they entered the property. "They didn't put up a struggle or anything," he said.

It was just two weeks ago that Ross was arrested. On June 10, the MC was booked on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession also in the same Atlanta county.

Further details of the charges will need to come from Fayette County.