June 3, 2015


Sky Ferreira Teases Glowing "Guardian" Single on Instagram

Two years ago Sky Ferreira dropped Night Time, My Time, her debut studio album. It was heralded in both underground and mainstream critical circles alike as an inventive pop album, embracing Ferreira's love of '80s synth sounds while keeping the unique timbre of her voice in mind. 

Last month, it was revealed that the alt-pop princess would drop a new song this summer from her upcoming sophomore release, Masochism, in conjunction with a new film from Director Grant Singer (the man behind her fantastic "I Blame Myself" and "Everything is Embarrassing" music videos.) Last night, the singer shared a tease of her last track, "Guardian" on her Instagram.

There's a certain haze to the song that makes it a bit hard to decipher, but the downward moving melody leads us to believe it's a self-deprecating single. This isn't our first glimpse of the song: Sky has performed it live before, but the singer added in the Instagram caption that "Guardian" will drop this summer.