June 19, 2015


Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath Is Crowdfunding His First Solo EP

Maarten de Boer/Getty Images
Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

Sugar Ray made "Fly" in 1997. Then "Every Morning" in '99.

That was pretty much it.

They made more songs; they made a half-dozen albums. The last one was six years ago; it was called Music for Cougars. Since then, frontman Mark McGrath did The Apprentice and Celebrity Wife Swap, hosted Don't Forget the Lyrics and starred in Sharknado 2: The Second One. (You'll see him in the threequel, too.)

Now it's time for 47-year-old Mr. M. McG. to go solo, with an EP called Summertime's Comingvia the crowdfunding site PledgeMusic. "If you're a fan of Sugar Ray and you like reggae, I think you're gonna dig this record," McGrath says in the intro video.

He goes on in a written message, one that teases more EPs to come:

I’ve been so inspired to write music again with my friends in the band, so much in fact, that that the idea is to release a an EP every six months. I know it sounds ambitious, but to truly make this an incredible and intimate experience, the idea is to bring as much content as possible to the site and to make you feel like you were there. We found a great place to do that very thing right here at PledgeMusic, and an even better place to take you all along for the ride. My first solo EP… feels great to say that, knowing you’ll be right there with me…

Preordering—which you've got 56 days left to do—gets you an instant download of the title track, which sounds like it's ready for inclusion on Kidz Bop 29. (That doesn't have to be a bad thing.) As with Kickstarter, different levels of donations offer various rewards, including a birthday phone call, a VIP pass to Sugar Ray and Uncle Kracker (UNCLE KRACKER)'s Under the Sun Tour and, for $15,000, an acoustic performance at your house.