June 16, 2015


Mayday Parade & Set It Off Join for Father's Day Anthem "Gotta Be Strong"

UPDATE (6/18): We were wrong, we are terribly sorry. According to Producer Kenneth Mount, Jason and Derek are not writing together...and are featured separately. Dare to dream! Zack Odom is the man behind the tune. Thanks, Ken!

Original Story (6/16): No one loves dads more than pop-punk guys love dads...or so it seems. Just ask Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, who just wrote a letter to his children embracing the main characteristics of the genre—love and sentimentality. Today we get another ode to papas in a song called "Gotta Be Strong."

The tune features Jason Lancaster (formerly of Go Radio and Mayday Parade), current Mayday Parade member Derek Sanders, and Cody Carson of Set It Off. Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount produced the track, Alternative Press reports.

This is especially interesting for a variety of reasons: First, the song is a country-tinged ballad of sorts. If you're looking for, say, "Jersey," you're going to have to look elsewhere. Secondly, it means Jason and Derek are writing together after years apart (the former left Mayday Parade in 2007).

Zach & Ken shared the following statement with AP about the song:

"'Gotta Be Strong' started out originally as a song written about Zack's dad who had passed away. Since then, it has turned into a gathering of voices for Father's Day including Derek Sanders, Jason Lancaster, and Cody Carson. Everyone involved in this project has either lost a Dad or is a Dad now. And for most, both is the case. We are hoping to draw attention and give weight to the idea of great Fathers that are seeking to make their family's lives better, as well as support their son's or daughter's pursuit of passions and dreams." 

Listen to it above, then peep live shots from this year's Warped Tour kickoff party.