June 3, 2015


Weekly Prescription: Your Bonnaroo Dosage for June 3

#1Ailment: Office Invisibility

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday. Perhaps the most frustrating part is that while you've singlehandedly pointed out holes in your company's budget and helped them find hundreds of dollars they thought were lost...no one cares. Rather than flip your desk (which I've always wanted to do) why not play yourself a little cheerful ditty and release that frustration?

Drug name: Sproonteine

Active ingredients: A crescendo of powerful horns, fighting words and a revved up guitar intro.

Uses: To build your mental strength and provide you an anthem for your workday to add a skip in your step.

Directions: Take a deep breath, fight the urge to send that hateful email to your supervisor and instead raise the volume on the handclaps applauding your hard work.

Inactive Ingredient: Your resume and a LinkedIn update. 

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