July 24, 2015


A Day to Remember: "Our Band is Like Leonardo DiCaprio"

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

At the 2015 APMAs, in addition to lying to us about owning the couch from the cover of Paramore's debut album All We Know is Falling, A Day to Remember's Kevin Skaff told us his band has something in common with one of the world's most famous actors. That's right: Leonardo DiCaprio. In this exclusive interview, the guitarist told Fuse his band is always nominated for stuff but never seem to win.

After our chat, ADTR won Best Live Band. Good job, Skaff!

You're nominated for Best Guitarist!

It's a cool honor. There's a couple more deserving musicians than me, like Jacky [Vincent] from Falling in Reverse, who is awesome. If I win I'm going to give him the award.

That's very Taylor Swift of you.

Oh shit! I'm more stoked for Best Live Band and that kind of stuff. That's the one I really want. Our band is kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio, we've been up for awards for like six years and we haven't won one.