July 31, 2015


Alicia Keys Shares Life-Affirming "28 Thousand Days" Single

When we last heard from Alicia Keys, the R&B goddess was crooning in "We Gotta Pray," a soft, mournful piano ballad that sings of saving lives and fighting—and hoping—for justice. (And that melody line you recognize? Soul II Soul's "Back to Life.") 

Today she's make with some more optimism. The new tune is "28 Thousand Days." For those of you bad at math, that equates to 76 years...or the average human life expectancy. 

She sings, "There’s only 28,000 days / Who would you love, where would you go, what would you celebrate? / I’m tellin’ you that life’s too short to just throw it away / So have the time of your life." 

Check it out above, then peep our favorite releases of the year so far.