July 10, 2015


Ben Affleck Will Direct Himself in the Next 'Batman' Movie

MJ Kim/HFA2014/Getty Images for DCP
MJ Kim/HFA2014/Getty Images for DCP

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't going to be a one-off glimpse of the Batfleck. Oscar-winner Ben Affleck is now going to direct himself in a standalone Batman movie. 

First the former Mr. Jennifer Garner will follow up 2012's Argo with the Dennis Lehane adaptation Live by Night, but he's currently cowriting the Dark Knight's new outing with Geoff Johns. A little about him, via Deadline, which broke the news:

Johns has about as much comic cred as anybody around. He’s DC Comics’ chief creative officer and has written some of its best remembered comic book series including Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Justice League, The Flash and Superman. He also has written TV series superhero transfers Smallville, Arrow and The Flash, as well as the Supergirl project with Greg Berlanti for CBS.

Before the solo Batman movie, Affleck will appear in DC's answer to The AvengersJustice League, set for November 2017. Expect a lot more about that film and Batman v. Superman over the weekend, as San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing.

For now, scope out the new Batman and Wonder Woman—in costume—alongside the newish Superman on this mighty magazine cover.