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8 Best Hip Hop Songs We Heard in June

We get it: There's so much music out there, it's impossible to listen to it all. So we compiled this list of the best hip hop tracks released last month

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Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth, "Nothing But Trouble"

Who's Charlie Puth? Charlie Puth's the guy singing the fragile hook on this radio-ready new Lil Wayne cut, straight off the soundtrack to 808, the upcoming documentary about hip hop's favorite toy. The track's embarrassingly obsessed with social media, but the slick sonics are undeniable. Massive hook from Puth (OK, deetz: he's a 23-year-old who's appeared on smashes like Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" and the Meghan Trainor-featuring "Marvin Gaye"), plus highly-worth-listening-to Weezy. (Free Weezy Album's coming on the 4th of July, so soon!)

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Meek Mill feat. Drake, "R.I.C.O."

Drake hasn't done a less-thank-remarkable guest verse in a ridiculously long time. But "R.I.C.O." is a stunner, a jewel among jewels on Meek's sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money, released in June's final days. Drizzy calls himself the King, says he should move into Elvis' Graceland home...then calls himself the King of Pop and says he's building a Michael Jackson–style estate. (BTW, Meek's great, too.)

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Odd Couple, "DayDream"

Odd Couple's a Milwaukee-born, Chicago-based beatsmith who caught our ear by flipping a 2 Chainz sketch into a delicious cut called "Me Time." We premiered "DayDream" at the end of the month and haven't been able to stop listening to the curiously inspirational, rapper-ready beat since. Learn about Odd Couple and his upcoming debut album Chatterbox right here.

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Game feat. Drake, "100"

Not to spend another paragraph talking about Drake's appearance on another dude's track, but..."100" is Drake's, although we greatly appreciate the Game for scooping up this soulful summer banger and inviting Aubrey along. Some of our favorite lines from 2015 so far:

I would have so many friends if I didn't have money, respect and accomplishments
I would have so many friends if I held back the truth and I just gave out compliments
I would have all of your fans if I didn't go pop and I stayed on some conscious shit
I would so many more friends if I lost my success and my confidence

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Statik Selektah feat. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$, "Beautiful Life"

Boston producer Statik Selektah gave us a gift in June by making a '90s-style beat and bringing Action "Gorgeous Just Like a Horse Is" Bronson and Joey Bada$$ along for the ride. It's been a beautiful life ever since we pressed play; this one's staying in the BBQ DJ set for awhile to come.

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Childish Gambino, "Untitled"

Childish Gambino's latest doesn't have a title or a studio version, and it's more in that gray, weird Weeknd zone than anything you'd call "rap"—but Donald Glover spends his time in the hip hop realm and this one's too good not to put you onto. Enjoy you six-minute trip; it's bananas.

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Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown, "All Eyes on You"

By now, it's almost possible to forget Chris Brown the Person and enjoy Chris Brown the Voice now. As long as he's used lightly, saying mostly nothing, helping add a little extra lift to a song that's already sky high. Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money cut is the latest, following Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint monster "Only." Onika and her Philly rap bae go back and forth well, the beat's entrancing, and Brown's fine. "All Eyes on You" is majestic—definitely Meek's biggest swing at the moneymaking intersection between pop and rap so far.

8 / 8

Lil Wayne, "Glory"

Weezy's Tidal exclusive, like all Tidal exclusives before it, made its way to the wide, free internet shortly after premiering. It's a smash, likely the biggest solo Wayne single since 2014's "Believe Me" or "Grindin'." (Or "D'usse"—"D'usse" didn't get the love it deserved. #getmoney #getmonnnney)

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