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Warped Tour 2015

Our 9 Favorite Musical Discoveries at Warped Tour 2015

From Bebe Rexha to While She Sleeps, pop to post-hardcore, here are our fave finds from this year's punk rock summer camp

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Bebe Rexha

We first learned of Bebe Rexha when she was starring alongside Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz in his side project, the Black Cards. She's an incredible musician on her own, her single "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" undeniable. It's not easy being a pop act on a primarily rock-oriented festival, but Rexha definitely holds her own. We're stoked to see what the future holds for this force of nature.

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While She Sleeps

There is no shortage of post-hardcore and metalcore acts on Warped Tour. The festival allows these bands to thrive in the summer heat, so the question becomes, how do they stand out? The answer is equally as simple: Be good at what you do. While She Sleeps aren't reinventing the wheel here, but they're definitely smoothing it out in their own right.

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Moose Blood

Don't let the band name fool you: Moose Blood are no joke. One of the more melodic bands we caught on the road at Warped, the Brits combine math rock-y guitar riffs and pop-punk vocals in an inventive, modern way. Not to be missed!

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This Wild Life

If the adorable "Stay Up Late" video isn't enough to persuade you into joining the This Wild Life fandom, you're a lost cause. Okay, we're joking, but this band is all about the sensitive and sweet. Those nostalgic for the acoustic ballads of mid-aughts pop-leaning emo will be happy to learn the sound isn't gone, it's just gotten better. 

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Night Riots

Night Riots have only been a band for about two years now, but their polished sound would lead you to believe otherwise. This band is first and foremost a pop group, recalling early Killers. If you're looking to dance at this year's Warped Tour, look no further.

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Palisades have adopted a sound that many modern bands aspire to but fail to pull off. When we saw the group, we were bewildered by their ability to combine the heaviness of post-hardcore, dance sounds and almost R&B-leaning intros into cohesive, energetic tracks. It's mostly confusing, but when it's good, it's great.

7 / 9

The Kenneths

Sometimes, while wandering the grounds at Warped, it's best to stumble upon a straightforward rock and roll band. The kind of punk that's catchy and classic, the kind that feels familiar but not derivative. The Kenneths fill that space, acting as the de facto Ramones-y band on the fest. We're nothing but grateful for it.

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Speak Low If You Speak Love

Speak Low if You Speak Love is the acoustic project of State Champs' Ryan Graham and buddy Drew Stoutenburg. It's definitely different from the pop-punk powerhouse that is SC (the guys just got off the road with 5 Seconds of Summer, can you believe it?) but in the best way possible: If you need an intimate acoustic ballad for that impending breakup, these boys have got you covered.

9 / 9

Kaya Stewart

Much like Bebe Rexha, Kaya Stewart fills a much needed and appreciated pop music space on the tour. What Stewart does, however, is bring a certain soulful R&B edge. If you want a crooner to cool down with, here's your gal.

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