July 31, 2015


A Blink-182 Lullaby Album is On the Way

Rockabye Baby Music
Rockabye Baby Music

Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker might not be on the best terms with one another right now (only the latter are current members of Blink-182, as it were) but that doesn't mean their legacy, and the songs they've written together, are forgotten.

In fact, it makes hits like "Dammit" and "What's My Age Again?" feel more important than ever. The cool folk at Rockabye Baby know this, and are planning on putting out a Blink-182 lullaby album. Seriously.

You can hear clips of all the tracks by visiting their site here, but beyond that, please just bask in the glory of these tunes. How do you make masturbation jokes kid-friendly? Only Rockabye Baby know how, truly. The record will drop August 14.

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