July 7, 2015


Tom DeLonge vs. Travis Barker: Which Blink-182 Book Will You Read?

Simon & Schuster; William Morrow
Simon & Schuster; William Morrow

Shortly after guitarist Tom DeLonge left Blink-182 earlier this year, drummer Travis Barker announced that he, alongside Rolling Stone journalist Gavin Edwards, would release a memoir. Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums is due October 20.

Fast forward to today: Tom DeLonge has announced that he, too, will release a book...one that will drop October 6, two weeks before his ex-bandmate's. DeLonge's is also co-authored, by New York Times bestseller Suzanne Young (The Program, The Willing), but it's a work of fiction. The press release for Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares reads:

"Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares tells the story of two recently orphaned teen brothers on a journey to a new life. The elder brother, Alan, is heading to a job at the Hotel Eden in Seattle, where their parents worked before they were killed in a horrific plane crash, and younger brother Jonas, the misfit of the two, returns to the 'normalcy' of high school. But normal is nowhere in sight as unseen forces wreck their lives in every possible way. Tragedy leaves Alan in a coma and young Jonas left to fight for both of their lives against enemies from a dark nightworld."

Sounds very Tom, very Angels & Airwaves, right?

The press release for Travis Barker's Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums, meanwhile, reads:

"After breaking out as the acclaimed drummer of the multiplatinum punk band Blink-182, everything changed for Travis Barker. But the dark side of rock stardom took its toll: his marriage, chronicled for an MTV reality show, fell apart. Constant touring concealed a serious drug addiction. A reckoning did not truly come until he was forced to face mortality: His life nearly ended in a horrifying plane crash, and then his close friend, collaborator, and fellow crash survivor DJ AM died of an overdose. In this blunt, driving memoir, Barker ruminates on rock stardom, fatherhood, death, loss, and redemption, sharing stories shaped by decades’ worth of hard-earned insights. His pulsating memoir is as energetic as his acclaimed beats. It brings to a close the first chapters of a well-lived life, inspiring readers to follow the rhythms of their own hearts and find meaning in their lives."

Both sound fascinating, both in line with where each member is in his life. But which are you gonna pick up? Vote in the poll below!

Which Blink-182 member’s book will you read?

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