July 17, 2015


Cee Lo Green Returns With Reflective New Tribute Song "Robin Williams"

Cee Lo Green has remained mostly quiet on the music front since bowing out of The Voice in early 2014, but the "Forget You" singer is back with a reflective new tune based around the life of the late Robin Williams.

On the laidback tune, Cee sings "life reminds of Robin Williams" and how "we've got to laugh the pain away," but adds that "we don't know what the next man's going through." They're all poignant touches on Williams' life that tragically ended in suicide in 2014 after almost 40 years of making people laugh. Listen to the new track above which ends with Cee Lo hauntingly asking, "Robin, can you hear me?"

"'Robin Williams' is a homage to our humanity," the Begin Again actor said via a press release. "centered around the strength it takes to smile in the face of adversity."

The reflective tune is the first taste of Lo's upcoming fifth solo album Heart Blanche, which is out on November 13 this year.

Check out a clip of the interactive music video below that sees the song's touching lyrics being searched for in real time. You can check out the full visual at Cee Lo's official website.