July 15, 2015


Chris Brown's L.A. Home Robbed by Trio of Armed Gunmen

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Chris Brown's home in the Tarzana area of Los Angeles was broken into on Tuesday morning at about 2 AM. KTLA reports that three men with armed with handguns entered the property; Brown was not home, but his aunt was.

Details are sketchy at this point, but it sounds like Breezy's aunt was locked in a closet as the robbery took place. The criminals may have been wearing masks. "Sky5 aerial footage showed the large estate was located at the top of a hill and did not appear to have nearby neighbors," KTLA writes.

ABC7 says cash, a laptop and a cell phone were taken. Chris Brown returned home a couple hours after the robbery. Just two months ago another of his homes was broken into by a stalker found naked in his bed after wreaking havoc throughout the residence. She was charged with three felonies.

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