July 24, 2015


Three Days Later, Chris Brown Gets to Leave the Philippines

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Update (7/24): After three days of being kept in the country, Chris Brown got clearance to leave the Philippines on Friday.

"The 26-year-old R&B artist has been stuck in Manila for a third day after running afoul of a corporation, run by an influential religious group's members, that filed a fraud complaint against him for a canceled New Year's Eve gig,” writes the Associated Press. "Journalists saw Brown and around 10 others boarding his private plane parked at an airport hangar, with one taking a selfie before going into the plane.”

And you know what they say: All’s well that ends with one of your dudes taking a selfie as he boards the plane. Or maybe not, as there’s still the matter of Brown facing charges for reportedly taking $1 million payment for an appearance he never appeared for.

Original story (7/22): CNN writes that the Philippine government has issued an order to keep Chris Brown in the country. He was "stopped Wednesday morning while preparing to depart on a private jet from Manila's international airport on his way to Hong Kong for a concert." 

Brown played a show in the Philippines on Tuesday night but found old issues with concert promoters waiting for him before the night was done. Those parties contend that they're owed money from a planned New Year's Eve appearance Brown skipped.

"The Bureau of Immigration said Brown and his promoter John Michael Pio Roda were both subject to an immigration lookout bulletin," CNN writes, "but they could seek a clearance certificate that could allow them to leave if the Department of Justice consented."

Brown is either downplaying the situation or trying to clarify:

Casey has been Brown's agent since late 2013. Stand by while we wait for the rest of this to play out.