July 10, 2015


Listen to Eminem and Gwen Stefani Team Up on "Kings Never Die"

Eminem's 2015 action is all coming in tandem with Southpaw, a Jake Gyllenhaal rough-housin' movie with a soundtrack produced by Shady Records. Em's on there three times; the first single was the pump-up cut "Phenomenal."

Now "Kings Never Die," featuring the one and only Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani, is here to launch your weekend. It's another put-your-hood-on-and-practice-some-jabs-in-the-locker-room jam, with Marshall spitting a novella's worth of confident, Twitter-dissing bars.

Better than any new Eminem music might have been the rapper's awkward surprise interview with Stephen Colbert on a Michigan public accress show—the definition of unmissable.

Southpaw, from director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen), hits theaters on July 24.