July 13, 2015


Exclusive: Miss May I Talk Warped Tour, New Album 'Deathless'

Travis Shinn
Travis Shinn

Ohio's Miss May I follow a schedule not designed for the faint of heart. The metalcore stalwarts just barely exited the studio with old friend and producer Joey Sturgis, where they laid down their fifth studio album Deathless, and with nary a moment to take a breath and pack their bags, they were right back on the road supporting this year's Warped Tour

If it wasn't obvious by the mob surrounding MMI's stage and merch tent on a daily basis, Deathless is highly anticipated— most evident by the crowd's reaction to their newest single "I.H.E." We caught up with the band to hear about their return to Warped Tour, the new album, and what the future holds for MMI.

Miss May I is back on Warped Tour for the first time in three seasons. Have you noticed a big change in lineup, the crowd, or any other aspect of the tour in that time? How does your experience on the tour now differ compared to then? 

The biggest difference I see is that we have noticed an entire new fan base and generation. Some of these fans weren't even old enough to come to Warped the last time we played, and it's amazing to finally play for fans that who are finally seeing our band for the first time. I feel the lineup is almost all our friends from 2012, which makes the tour very exciting and like a reunion. Plus all the upcoming bands are phenomenal!

Our show has gotten a lot more aggressive than in past years because we know we need to really stand out and make an impact for fans that aren't used to shows like this. A lot of our old show tricks are being used by other bands and other stages, so we had to bring a lot more to the table this time around.

Have you been playing a lot of material off of Deathless on the tour? If so, how have the kids been reacting to the material given that many of them haven’t been able to preview the songs?

We have been playing our new single "I.H.E." since the first day and we are seeing more and more singing along each day. The best part of playing this song is the crowd almost cheers louder for this song then our older songs which makes us very excited for the release and the response. It's for sure one of the rowdiest songs we play live and the crowd reacts the same.

Speaking of Deathless, what are some of the major changes that fans can expect as the band continues to evolve? Are you experimenting with any other genres pr production techniques on this album? 

I think the biggest change on this record is the production value and the original sound coming out of us. This record showcases our sound more than ever. It shows who we are and why we are where we are without trying to be anyone else or experimenting. Joey, our producer, brought the best out of us this time and really helped us go beyond our limits. 

Deathless drops officially on the second to last day of Warped Tour. That’s a pretty exciting way to cap off the tour. Are you guys planning anything special for the Portland or Seattle dates of the tour in celebration?

We don't have anything crazy planned other than physically having our new record available on tour a week before hand as a surprise which we are very excited about. Surprising fans with an actual copy is the best feeling because it's exclusive and Warped Tour-only.

What do you guys have lined up after Warped Tour in support of the record? Europe? An appearance on Colbert?

We have a lot of touring planned. Not just in the USA, but worldwide, with amazing bands. We cannot wait to announce what is in store for Deathless!

Catch Miss May I on Vans Warped Tour all Summer. Deathless is out August 7; you can preorder the album here