July 14, 2015


Newspaper Beats Foo Fighters' Tough Tour Photo Policy With a Cartoonist

C Flanigan/WireImage
C Flanigan/WireImage

Just after we learned that Taylor Swift has a restrictive, beastly photo policy for her life shows, we're finding out the Foo Fighters aren't the best in that regard, either. During the group's North American Sonic Highways tour—happening now, with Dave Grohl and his broken leg chilling on a throne—"photographers must sign a contract that surrenders ownership of their work to the band following its initial publication," Consequence of Sound writes.

When the Foos played Quebec City this past weekend, the Le Soleil newspaper opted to work with a cartoonist instead of a photographer. An amazing solution on principle alone, but Francis Desharnais' resulting work is top-notch, black-and-white, evocative material.

Fact magazine translated a bit from Le Soleil's article about the situation:

“When the Foo Fighters claim rights to pictures of them in concert, they do not do it halfway. Not only could accredited photographers at the show yesterday not publish their work once, they had to give up all rights.”

The Washington City Paper previously called the Foos' photo policy exploitative, sharing the document with its readers. In happier news, the band's debut album just turned 20.