July 6, 2015


Will Hello Kitty Finally Speak in Her Upcoming Hollywood Film?

via Sanrio.com
via Sanrio.com

Hello Kitty is coming to the silver screen! As excited as we are for the iconic cartoon to hit the big(ger) time, we have quite a few questions.

According to Deadline, the Hello Kitty movie is currently in development and will be released in 2019. Powerful Japanese company Sanrio (which also owns the Japanese rights to fellow adorable cartoons like the Peanuts and Mr. Men characters) is producing the film through its U.S.-based subsidiary. The project has an expected budget of anywhere from $160 million to $240 million. In other words, this is going to massive.

But we're wondering what the Hello Kitty movie will wind up looking like. Most consumers know the 2-D cat protagonist with no mouth. Will Hello Kitty speak in this new film or will she leave that to her friends like Badtz MaruKeroppi and My Melody? And is the property going to go full-on 3-D a la the upcoming Peanuts movie, or will they stick to the traditional animation form? Also: Any chance Avril Lavigne will be involved with the soundtrack?

No matter which way this goes, we're excited to see another one of our favorite cartoons getting the Hollywood treatment. Hamtaro next, please.