July 2, 2015


Kim Kardashian Speaks on Feminism & Media Objectification of Women

Francois G. Durand/Getty Images
Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

When Kim Kardashian isn't making us feel insanely jealous of her perfect life with perfect hubby Kanye West (we know who the real rock star is) she's giving lectures on what she knows best: Being a female icon in media, and the objectification it entails.

On Wednesday at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, Kim K took the stage for what Vanity Fair reports was billed as “a public interview to dish on her new book Selfish, the Kardashian Jenner clan, the business of millennial culture, the objectification of women in media, and more.”

Some highlights and nuggets of insight:

  • "I see so much from social media, that there’s this generation of people—girls—that are beautiful, but I don’t see a strong work ethic and I think people sometimes think that with looks, things will come easy, with modeling jobs here and there. I really just encourage people to put in the work.”
  • "I think that you have the power—women objectify themselves, too—to put out there what you want people to look at, what you want to portray about yourself. I think there’s power in that. I have the control to put out what I want, and I feel proud of that. . . . [Objectification] is a matter of opinion . . . I’ve done things where I didn’t really care that [the media] exploited [my image] because I was happy with the art and the reasoning behind my own message.”
  • "I think that people see this persona on my TV show and think that’s the only side to me but I really don’t care as much as I used to.”
  • "We didn’t even look at race in our household. It just wasn’t a topic of conversation until [my father] knew we would have families of our own.”
  • "It’s really important to know what you’re good at and stick with that."

Thank you goddess K!